Welcome, and thank you for your interest in the BrandZ™ Top 75 Most Valuable Retail Brands ranking, which we’re proud to launch at the World Retail Congress 2018. On this site you can find the report and links to all resources mentioned in it.

And what a world of retail this is! In the past year alone, we’ve seen voice-controlled shopping reach a critical mass in multiple markets.

Automated replenishment systems are moving mainstream. We see “experiential” stores that don’t actually stock any products for sale and, in this era of all things digital, one of the biggest shifts in the landscape has been that of online retailers opening physical stores.

Now, the boundaries between online and offline are melting away, as retailers of all origins seek to excel in both spheres and link the two as seamlessly as possible.

In fact, we should abandon the term “e-commerce” entirely. Soon, it will all simply be commerce.

The digitization of shopping has utterly up-ended consumer expectations of price, convenience, choice, speed, and a hassle-free, intuitive interface.

As you will see in this report, the most valuable retail brands are adapting their services and in some cases entire business models to the fast-changing environment in which they find themselves. Some are not just evolving with the landscape; the landscape is adapting to them.

This site is filled with the resources from the full report, keep scrolling down to access them.

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In Conversation with David Roth

Insightful interviews recorded live from World Retail Congress 2017 in Dubai.

The Store WPP, in partnership with The World Retail Congress, broadcasted live across the world at the end of each day of the 2017 Congress. With analysis of the day’s events, interviews with global retail leaders by David Roth and a lot more.

Each hour broadcast is a unique masterclass in the challenges facing retailers in today’s changing world and delivers unique insights.

If you missed the live broadcasts you can watch each program including two bonus editions here. You can also just listen to individual interviews.

Happy watching!

China Documentaries

Now Showing, On Your Screen

Put your feet up and pass the popcorn. WPP’s David Roth presents two short films that lift the lid on the booming e-commerce market in China.

Blazing a Trail - How Chinese E-Commerce Leads the World

Looks at how China has become the most dynamic and most valuable online shopping market on the planet. This is a country that barely had phone lines 20 years ago … and where you can now buy a car with your mobile.

Consumer trends, rising wealth and home-grown innovations have turned e-commerce in China into a $600 billion-a-year sector. It’s giving global brands an easy route to reach consumers, and turbo-charging the expansion of Chinese brands, both at home and internationally. David Roth looks at who and what is driving growth, how drone delivery is becoming a reality, and the huge potential that remains

Hidden Dragon - The Rise of an E-Commerce Giant

Charts the development of China’s second-largest online brand, JD.com. Featuring an exclusive interview with JD brand officer Laura Xiong, this film explains what sets JD.com apart from its biggest rival, and how it’s become one of the fastest-growing brands in the world.

It looks at value of JD.com’s partnership with WeChat, the Chinese mega-app that consumers use to buy coffee, book a cab and just about everything else you can think of. And there’s a look at what’s next for JD.com. David and Laura discuss the role of big data in personalizing services, international expansion of the brand … and the strategic significance of fresh fish and ice-cream.

Future of Retail

Retail Reports

Retailing to an Audience of One: How Mass Customization Makes the Personal Possible and Profitable

This report explains how personalization and customization can work for you, dispels some common myths, and demonstrates how the personal touch has been successfully deployed to sell products, maximize relationships and build margins in categories as diverse as chocolate and tuxedos, sports shoes, clothing and table linen.

Smart Shopping - A Playbook by WPP in partnership with IBM

The Store WPP in partnership with IBM have produced a playbook investigating how Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming retail. This playbook is packed full of insights and looks at things from IBM Watson to personalization and the phenomenon of ‘me-commerce’. It also includes insights and analysis from some of the big players of innovation within WPP and IBM.

Speak Easy

The future of voice technology.

There has always been something that gets in the way of our relationship with technology: the keyboard, the mouse, the screen.

We’re now ready for the most natural and intuitive form of interaction—the voice. It’s time for humanity and technology to Speak Easy.

Launched in Cannes, ‘Speak Easy’ is a trends and insight report, carried out in equal partnership between J. Walter Thompson Innovation Group London and Mindshare Futures, which explores voice technology and its implications for brands.

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